Tuesday, 25 September 2012


These little guys are a recent addition and they are AWESOME!
As soon as I saw them I knew they had to become part of my collection!! I tried to resist but not very hard haha! 

They came from a shop called 'Chainsaw Mouth' on Etsy! (If you're not familuar with Etsy its pretty much an online market for handmade & vintage goods. Total gold mind for novelty earrings!) The shop owner was particularly awesome & even sent through a bunch of extra extra goodies! (You can also find them on facebook.)

When I set out to photograph this image I had no idea where to start! So I tried a bunch of different things. Most of which failed! Here are some of the more spectacular failures:

Yeah I put a shark in the sink with the water running! And in a Glass! And posed it with my rubber chicken earring! I just go with whatever idea comes to me until something works. (And this is only a handful of the ideas that came to me!) 

Eventually I settled on my skull glass & decided to have a bit of fun with food dye & water. I set my camera up on a tripod,  ripped out a blank piece of paper from an old journal, grabbed my camera remote & hoped to fluke a good photo! 

After 2 passes at simultaneously dripping red food dye into a skull glass & snapping photos I got the shot I was after & a sequence of cool photos from the food dye!

Afternoon well spent! These are fun to wear :)

Earring trivia: I took 154 photos trying to document my shark earrings!

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