Sunday, 28 April 2013

Army Men Novelty Earrings

Another acquisition from Oz Horror Con 2012 in Melbourne, these awesome disfigured Army Men are another of my favorite recent novelty earring purchases! They are so cool! :D

Again this was another case of 'I need to have those earrings' as soon as I saw them! And I had just the thing in mind to photograph them.. Here is a look at the setup from today :)

I've been meaning to do this for some time now! But today was the day where the urge to play with fire took over haha!

I knew they would be coming home with me when I first saw them at the Horror Con. Their was a variety to choose from but I managed to narrow it down to these two. They were made by The Gridler a very talented jewelry maker/costume maker & cosplayer! (Seriously check out her tumblr.. I know where I'm going if I ever need to get a costume made!)

I had heaps of fun setting up this scene too :D Great afternoon to crank some Iron Maiden & play with turps & matches in the garden!! (You can watch some of the fun I had here!)

Earring trivia: These earrings always make me think of that scene in Terminator 2! :) 


  1. cool, cool and cool !
    I like to take cool pictures of stuff that I sell,
    that's why I really appreciate the setting that you had to do to take these pictures.
    well done !

    1. Thanks for your kind words! :) I've got many more to take photos of but haven't had the time recently. Hopefully will again in the coming months.