Saturday, 21 December 2013

Gingerbread Men Earrings

It's that time of year again to break out the seasonal Earrings! Well these are kinda seasonal anyway.. I wore them while I helped my Mum with the traditional Honey Biscuits that we make every year (as seen in the background). I think the recipe is a German one & was her great grandmothers, so it's been in the family for a while!

I acquired these as payment for a freelance job, along with a bunch of other quirky earrings. The Gingerbread Men Earrings look delicious however I don't think they would taste very nice! I mean, not that I've tried them or anything..

Earring trivia: My Mum has a Christmas cutter in the shape of a Wolf that belonged (I think) to her great grandmother! I always insist on making 'Christmas Wolves' every year :)

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