Saturday, 30 August 2014

Alien Earrings

A couple years back now I hit the random earring jackpot! I discovered an etsy store that put together themed 'mystery boxes' of crazy earrings and jewellery. I got in contact with them to see if they would make an earring specific 'mystery box' for me. After a short survey to find of what things I like and my earring preferences, things were underway and I eagerly awaited the mysterious earrings. I was quite pleased with the new additions to my collection (more on the others later!)

Included were an awesome pair of Alien Earrings! They are a little on the heavy side but heaps of fun to wear. 

For this photo I wanted to photograph the aliens 'flying' in  space. I couldn't find any space pictures lying around in any books I own so I made good use of my laptop. To make it 'fly' I just used some cotton and tied it my clothes horse! I always go for minimal photoshop with my photos so I left the cotton in the shot. I think it gives it an awesome dodgy Sci-Fi look anyway!  

Earring trivia: Last time I tried to count all my earrings I reached 100 and gave up.

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