Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fishbowl Earrings

More old faithfuls favorites! These awesome fishbowl earrings were the second half of a gift from my friend Amy!  (The other half being my popcorn earrings.)

The photos for this one are still fresh off the camera! I got the inspiration for the shot when I wore my Cat in the Hat t-shirt to work on Friday. I'd re-watched the movie recently (haha love it!) and it hit me while I was deciding on which pair would accompany me for the day. (Yes I know there is only one fish in the movie/book but I think they compliment each other quite well.)

Also this photo is straight off the camera with no editing. (I try & edit photos as little as possible.. It's a bit like my preference for Special effects over CGI.) The sun decided to shine a little this afternoon so I took advantage of the good lighting :)

Earring trivia: I hadn't noticed until I took the photo today, but it looks like the fish up the front has been attacked by a Zombie fish (braaaaiiinnnss)! It's pretty much worn off a little like that on both of them.  Possibly because I've worn them quite a bit!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gummy Bears

Some more from the early days! If I remember correctly these little guys were all attached to a bracelet & I made them into earrings. I used to wear them quite a bit as they are easy to mix & match to whatever it is I'm wearing for the day.

Sadly one of them is no longer with us.
I wore them to a folk music festival (those of you who know me well - this is a strange place for me to be) & forgot to wear the plastic backings (again with the backings! IMPORTANT!). When I noticed I'd lost one of them I got down on my hands & knees hoping with a bit of luck I'd find them in the dirt & straw. A lady approached me and then this happened..

Lady "Oh have you lost something?"
Me "Yes! One of my earrings!"
Lady starts to help look "Oh what's it look like? Is it gold? Or silver?"
Me "It's a gummy bear! Purple.."
Lady "Ohhh..."  proceeds to stop looking and walks away!!

The original photo for this is also trapped on a broken hard drive which I tired to get fixed ages ago with no luck.
Maybe they are bad luck gummy bears??!! Who knows?! They are pretty awesome tho :)

Earring Trivia: What I'm wearing, how I'm feeling, what season it is or what I have to face for the day are  factors on what earrings I'll wear! If my t-shirt has blue in it, I'll probably pick earrings that are blue. If I need a bit of courage I'll wear my lions. Or if I need ideas it's light bulbs all the way..

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


These little guys are a recent addition and they are AWESOME!
As soon as I saw them I knew they had to become part of my collection!! I tried to resist but not very hard haha! 

They came from a shop called 'Chainsaw Mouth' on Etsy! (If you're not familuar with Etsy its pretty much an online market for handmade & vintage goods. Total gold mind for novelty earrings!) The shop owner was particularly awesome & even sent through a bunch of extra extra goodies! (You can also find them on facebook.)

When I set out to photograph this image I had no idea where to start! So I tried a bunch of different things. Most of which failed! Here are some of the more spectacular failures:

Yeah I put a shark in the sink with the water running! And in a Glass! And posed it with my rubber chicken earring! I just go with whatever idea comes to me until something works. (And this is only a handful of the ideas that came to me!) 

Eventually I settled on my skull glass & decided to have a bit of fun with food dye & water. I set my camera up on a tripod,  ripped out a blank piece of paper from an old journal, grabbed my camera remote & hoped to fluke a good photo! 

After 2 passes at simultaneously dripping red food dye into a skull glass & snapping photos I got the shot I was after & a sequence of cool photos from the food dye!

Afternoon well spent! These are fun to wear :)

Earring trivia: I took 154 photos trying to document my shark earrings!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Bat Earrings

Another favorite pair of mine from the early days! I used to wear them quite often before my collection expanded. They are from a clothing store called Jay Jays & I think there was a necklace with the bats as well.. But I'm just all about the earrings! I'm not sure why I love them so much but I do! 

I nearly lost one of them at work once! But luckily I spotted it not far from my chair a few hours later. It was almost a tragedy! I now very rarely wear earrings without the clear plastic backings on them for this reason. 

The photo behind this one pretty much came from spontaneously searching around my room for things that would match the bats! The tree is a toy from an opp shop lucky dip. It's propped up on a giant plastic paperweight peg that my friend Lisa gave me & the background is a CD cover from a German power metal band Grave Digger. That pretty much sums it up!

Earring trivia: The CD cover used in this is from the band 'Grave Digger'. The CD itself is called 'The Grave Digger' & it has a track on it 'The Grave Digger'

Popcorn Earrings

This lovely pair of earrings was a gift from a good friend of mine Amy! They are one of the earlier pairs I received that led me down the path of crazy earrings collecting. Very much a favorite of mine as well! (Even though I do have lots of favorites..)

These do get a semi regular wearing, most often when I go see a movie! They are the most logical & topical choice don't you think? 

I wore them when I saw  Piranha 3D as pictured! When I got home from the movie the idea to creatively photograph them like that sorta just happened. So I ran with it & ended up with this picture! It's also one of my favorite pictures from my collection. 

Earring trivia: The last movie we saw together was 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Boney T

This is possibly one of the coolest things I own! Theodore aka "Boney T" is a 4th Quality Anatomical skeleton from Hagerstown MD USA. He's pretty heavy but loads of fun to play with, dress up & scare the crap out of people! (One time I accidentally left him sitting in the lounge when someone came around to check the smoke detectors.. oops!)

My cat Deano also loves Boney T! I often find him sitting in Boneys lap or chewing on his toes.. (strange cat..) 

I love skeletons (how could you not? Just look at his smile!) so it seemed like a logical & normal thing for me to acquire one of my own (besides the one I already have haha!) 

Also every year Bones helps me wish my friends happy birthday with a personalized message. This normally involves a photo shoot with a wig, fire & candles! It's getting more complex each year but it's heaps of fun!

Getting Boney T was the one of the best decisions ever! Thank you internets for making it possible.

Boney T Trivia: He has his own facebook page that you can find here.

Lets start at the beginning..

I always said 'I would never get my ears pierced until I found cool enough earrings'. I'd made it into my 20's without ever feeling the need to hang things from my ears. Then, thanks to a uni friend of mine Emma Chandler, I received my first pair of novelty earrings (pictured below) that I deemed cool enough to  justified getting my ears pierced. 

I still remember the day! I got them both done at once because I hate needles & decided to just get it over with! They said it would 'just feel like a bee sting'. Throughout my childhood (back when I actually used to spend time out in the sun) I got stung by many bees. And that was not like bees at all! The worst part however was having the boring earrings in for a while before I could wear my new awesome ones! 

Little did I know back then that this would spark an obsession that has only escalated over the years! I've gone from occasionally finding the odd pair of earrings here & there to actively seeking out the most bizarre & ridiculous I can get my hands on. I have also received many a pair from awesome people along the way  - spurring on this obsession even more! 

Over the past few years I randomly began photographing my collection for no particular reason other than to share with my friends on facebook.  However recently I've started to compile the images of my beloved collection here because I wanted to share my collection with the internets. 

Now I feel the need to go beyond just sharing photos and that brings us here (with quite a bit of encouragement from a few friends! Cheers guys!)  Look at this if you will as a companion piece & backstory behind the earrings. I'll also include some of the cool stuff I own :) because it's cool stuff! (That way if something ever happens to any of it I can always look back on here & remember all the fun times we had.)

So welcome to my little obscure corner of the internets! I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I do!
Earring trivia: These little guys are named Rufus & Otis after characters from a Rob Zombie move!