Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fishbowl Earrings

More old faithfuls favorites! These awesome fishbowl earrings were the second half of a gift from my friend Amy!  (The other half being my popcorn earrings.)

The photos for this one are still fresh off the camera! I got the inspiration for the shot when I wore my Cat in the Hat t-shirt to work on Friday. I'd re-watched the movie recently (haha love it!) and it hit me while I was deciding on which pair would accompany me for the day. (Yes I know there is only one fish in the movie/book but I think they compliment each other quite well.)

Also this photo is straight off the camera with no editing. (I try & edit photos as little as possible.. It's a bit like my preference for Special effects over CGI.) The sun decided to shine a little this afternoon so I took advantage of the good lighting :)

Earring trivia: I hadn't noticed until I took the photo today, but it looks like the fish up the front has been attacked by a Zombie fish (braaaaiiinnnss)! It's pretty much worn off a little like that on both of them.  Possibly because I've worn them quite a bit!

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