Sunday, 23 September 2012

Boney T

This is possibly one of the coolest things I own! Theodore aka "Boney T" is a 4th Quality Anatomical skeleton from Hagerstown MD USA. He's pretty heavy but loads of fun to play with, dress up & scare the crap out of people! (One time I accidentally left him sitting in the lounge when someone came around to check the smoke detectors.. oops!)

My cat Deano also loves Boney T! I often find him sitting in Boneys lap or chewing on his toes.. (strange cat..) 

I love skeletons (how could you not? Just look at his smile!) so it seemed like a logical & normal thing for me to acquire one of my own (besides the one I already have haha!) 

Also every year Bones helps me wish my friends happy birthday with a personalized message. This normally involves a photo shoot with a wig, fire & candles! It's getting more complex each year but it's heaps of fun!

Getting Boney T was the one of the best decisions ever! Thank you internets for making it possible.

Boney T Trivia: He has his own facebook page that you can find here.

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