Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lets start at the beginning..

I always said 'I would never get my ears pierced until I found cool enough earrings'. I'd made it into my 20's without ever feeling the need to hang things from my ears. Then, thanks to a uni friend of mine Emma Chandler, I received my first pair of novelty earrings (pictured below) that I deemed cool enough to  justified getting my ears pierced. 

I still remember the day! I got them both done at once because I hate needles & decided to just get it over with! They said it would 'just feel like a bee sting'. Throughout my childhood (back when I actually used to spend time out in the sun) I got stung by many bees. And that was not like bees at all! The worst part however was having the boring earrings in for a while before I could wear my new awesome ones! 

Little did I know back then that this would spark an obsession that has only escalated over the years! I've gone from occasionally finding the odd pair of earrings here & there to actively seeking out the most bizarre & ridiculous I can get my hands on. I have also received many a pair from awesome people along the way  - spurring on this obsession even more! 

Over the past few years I randomly began photographing my collection for no particular reason other than to share with my friends on facebook.  However recently I've started to compile the images of my beloved collection here because I wanted to share my collection with the internets. 

Now I feel the need to go beyond just sharing photos and that brings us here (with quite a bit of encouragement from a few friends! Cheers guys!)  Look at this if you will as a companion piece & backstory behind the earrings. I'll also include some of the cool stuff I own :) because it's cool stuff! (That way if something ever happens to any of it I can always look back on here & remember all the fun times we had.)

So welcome to my little obscure corner of the internets! I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I do!
Earring trivia: These little guys are named Rufus & Otis after characters from a Rob Zombie move!

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