Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gummy Bears

Some more from the early days! If I remember correctly these little guys were all attached to a bracelet & I made them into earrings. I used to wear them quite a bit as they are easy to mix & match to whatever it is I'm wearing for the day.

Sadly one of them is no longer with us.
I wore them to a folk music festival (those of you who know me well - this is a strange place for me to be) & forgot to wear the plastic backings (again with the backings! IMPORTANT!). When I noticed I'd lost one of them I got down on my hands & knees hoping with a bit of luck I'd find them in the dirt & straw. A lady approached me and then this happened..

Lady "Oh have you lost something?"
Me "Yes! One of my earrings!"
Lady starts to help look "Oh what's it look like? Is it gold? Or silver?"
Me "It's a gummy bear! Purple.."
Lady "Ohhh..."  proceeds to stop looking and walks away!!

The original photo for this is also trapped on a broken hard drive which I tired to get fixed ages ago with no luck.
Maybe they are bad luck gummy bears??!! Who knows?! They are pretty awesome tho :)

Earring Trivia: What I'm wearing, how I'm feeling, what season it is or what I have to face for the day are  factors on what earrings I'll wear! If my t-shirt has blue in it, I'll probably pick earrings that are blue. If I need a bit of courage I'll wear my lions. Or if I need ideas it's light bulbs all the way..

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