Monday, 22 October 2012

Shoe Story

The strangest thing happened on the weekend. Soon after it happened I recreated the incident & photographed it to better illustrate the the story for your amusement as well as my own :) Soooooo here it is: 

I was visiting my parentals on the weekend & was about to go somewhere with my dad in the car, so I decided to put my shoes on. As soon as I did, I noticed that something was in one of them. I didn't want to keep my Dad waiting so I thought 'I'll deal with that later'. 

When I got out of the car & started walking the thing in my shoe started to hurt my foot! I stopped to take my shoe off to see what it was (hoping it wasn't some kind of spider!) Low & behold my Bat Earring was hanging from my sock!! 

Hahah I wasn't expecting that at all! I had to laugh! :) The hook bit was in my sock & it was hanging there like it was flying!

Earring Trivia: If you look closely you'll see my awesome Beavis & Butthead shoelaces! They were one of the first things I bought online (quite a few years ago!) A little bit worse for wear now but here is a picture of them in their prime.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Coffin Earrings

Time for another favorite of mine! The Coffin earrings :)

These were a gift from a cool old workmate  (old as in 'we worked together a couple years ago' not old as in 'she is old'). This lovely person is none other than Ali! She is even making her own earrings these days (which I hope to own a pair of one day!) They are pretty cool & can find them here along with a few other bits & pieces. 

This photograph was taken in my backyard & it didn't take too many shots to get what I was after. I made the little cross out of sticks & glued it together with craft glue. I tried a couple different places and this was the last of them. 

I was pretty much on my hands & knees taking it so I could get the angle & depth of field how I had it in my head. To finish it off I just greyscaled the image & played with the contrast a little to make it look more spooky.

They've gotten a lot more wear than some of my other earrings because I love them so much! Thanks Ali!! :D

Earring Trivia: They came attached to a playing card that I still have  - The Ace of Diamonds. 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Decisions! The current collection.

Behold! The most recent photo of my earring collection! Taken by me just now. Like 10 mins ago. 

This is what I face each and every morning. And I can tell you that it's a tough decision! As previously stated, what I wear often comes down to what I'm wearing, what season it is or my current mental state. 

And this is not all of them! There are a few more that I currently don't have room for!! Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have a new frame for my expanding collection. The ones pictured are altered picture frames that were made by my Dad (he is a cleaver man!)  

If you look closely their is a bit of order to this madness! All the studs are towards the top & everything is arranged in groups. 
Also it kinda turned out that most of the 'good' earrings are on the right and most of the 'evil' earrings are on the left. It may not surprise you to learn that I tend to wear more of the earrings on the left haha! 

The plan is to photograph most of these & tell you a bit about each of them on here :)  Looks like I'm in it for the long haul! 

Earring Trivia: There are 3 new pairs in this picture that I acquired this weekend! Black skulls & my initials. But more on them later.. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Severed Fingers

Well.. as you can see, these earrings are severed fingers! Hooray! These were one of my original etsy finds that I just had to own! 

They come from one very talented Monica  (owner of etsy shop Mother May I & more recently My Little Lunch Box). When I messaged her the photo I found out she moulded the earrings on her 7 year old daughters pinky finger!

 'I showed my 7 year old daughter the pic you took. ..she was highly grossed out but laughs and gets a kick out of it.. as do i. LOL!'

This is not the first & won't be the last pair of earrings from Monica! (I have to say this is the most extreme pair that I've seen in her shop, most of the others are food related & look delicious! Check them out here.) They are amazing!

For this particular photo I had a couple of ideas in mind. But the first thing to do was to mix up some fake blood! I have an awesome recipe that I always use but decided to wing it with what was in the pantry.  I used BBQ sauce, golden syrup, corn flour, red food dye & a tiny bit of blue food dye. Unlike my usual recipe this one stained my hand red but I was super happy with the result! 

The original plan was to include my hand & make it look like I was cutting off my finger. But I was loosing daylight & being the hand model as well as the photographer was proving difficult! (It's not an easy hand pose.) And I was making a mess! So I just went with the finger on the chopping board. (I gave the photo a little help in photoshop. Just to make the blood stand out a little more.. in case you couldn't see it..) 

I had WAAAAYYY too much fun during this shoot :) I don't wear these a whole lot because they tend to freak people out..

Earring Trivia: One of my housemates walked into the kitchen while I was cleaning up the blood afterwards haha! I had some splaining to do.. I think I started with "It's okay It's not my blood.."