Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tin Tin Earrings

It was only just last year that I decided I needed a pair of book earrings to add to my collection. I began a search on the internets to see what I could find & stumbled on not only book earrings, but TIN TIN BOOK EARRINGS! 

I only read a few comics when I was growing up (pretty much what they had in the library at school) & Tin Tin was one of them. I loved the cartoon as well so when I found these I knew they had to be part of my collection. I've already worn them quite a bit too!

The hardest decision with these was choosing which pair of Tin Tin earrings to get! All 24 comic covers were available in different pairings combinations (as pictured). It was not an easy decision as I kinda wanted them all!

The creator for these glorious book earrings was 'Book Beads'! There was such a wide variety to choose from too! Ranging from Tin Tin to Harry Potter, Dr Who to Beatrix Potter & heaps more. I think you can even request custom covers if you're not seeing what you're looking for, so perhaps look out for some Dean Koontz book earrings down the track.. :)

(I should point out that 'Book Beads' also does bracelets, bookmarks, cufflinks and heaps more! Well worth checking out.) 

Earring Trivia: The Tin Tin covers featured on the back of my earrings are 'Land of Black Gold' & 'The Secret of the Unicorn'. Also I haven't seen the new Tin Tin movie because I'm not too keen on CGI.


  1. The movie was a pleasant surprise (CGI or not). I recommend it! Thanks again...

    1. Maybe I'll have to check it out sometime :) Keep up the awesome work with the Book Earrings! I'm sure you'll be hearing again from me in the near future.. :)