Friday, 28 December 2012

Merry Christmas Earrings!

Twas that time of year again where I  dusted off the old Christmas earrings to wear sporadically throughout the Christmas season! Before they hit the earring stand again to gather another years worth of dust I thought it would be an ideal time to photog them :)

First up my happy little Christmas trees! 

I'm not sure where I got these little guys from but I've had them for a few years. They have a switch on the back that makes them flash. Sadly only one flashes now but they're still heaps of fun even when it's not night time!)

Next on the Christmas earring list are my Santa Troll Doll earrings! I found these at a market somewhere. They look a little second hand but I knew I had to give them a new home as soon as I saw them :) 

Last but not least are my Christmas penguins! They were a Christmas gift from my Mum a couple Christmases ago. I try not to wear them on hot days because our Christmas climate is unfair on poor little penguins! Which I think  is a wise decision because the one on the right looks like it wants to hit you in the face with it's candy cane!

Earring Trivia: I actually  don't own a lot of Christmas earrings in the scheme of things! Should really do something about that...

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