Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bruce Lee Earrings

More on the obscure side of my collection are my Bruce Lee earrings! I've had them for a little while & proud to say I made them myself! And by 'made them myself' I mean I bought a pair of those dangly charms you get for phones  & converted them into earrings :) I quite enjoy Bruce Lee films so they were a welcome edition to my collection.
I photographed them against a picture from an old Bruce Lee calendar I had.

The phone charms are a bit cheaply made & look a bit goofy haha! But I like them just fine!
 Oh & if anyone ever happens across Jackie Chan earrings send me a link! Love a bit of the Chan Man also :)   

Earring Trivia: Appropriately, I purchased the Bruce Lee charms from China Town in Melbourne.

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