Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mice & Cheese Earrings

Time for an earrings double combo! Mouse & Cheese :) This duo come from two separate places but they are perfect together.

First up the Mice. They come from Amsterdam! I was over there for New Years with a good friends of mine, and one of the days we were there we went for a bit of a wonder & stumbled on an interesting shop (pictured).  I found the mice earrings & they had to come with me :)

The cheese earrings were another recent etsy purchase. They are my second purchase from Monica  (owner of etsy shop Mother May I &  My Little Lunch Box). I seem to have a thing for food earrings & these cheese earrings are nothing short of awesome! (You may remember my first purchase from Monica.. the Severed Finger Earrings!)

When it came to photogging these earrings for my collection I had to combine the two! I had one perfect idea in mind but had a bit of trouble sourcing a new wooden mousetrap (all the others I found were those plastic ones.) 

I knew my parents had a few, so when I visited last I found one & took a few photos. (Sorry Mum! I know you said it was gross & not to use it because it was used for real mice - but I couldn't find any others & I sterilized the earrings afterwards!)

Earring Trivia: I like the word 'Cheese' more than I like Cheese & can say it in a few different languages.

P.S here is the alternate ending from that photo shoot..

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