Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Message from the past!

I was going through a few things the other day & stumbled upon something that played a massive part in my earring collection! Pretty much the thing that started it all from the person that started it all!  What I found was a little brown bag that contained my first pair of earrings (I've already written about my first pair you can read about them here) with a lovely note on it from my Uni friend Emma :)

It's almost as important as the little skeleton earrings they came with! I can't recall what I'd done or what was in the Myspace (?!) messages! What I do know is that I'll forever be grateful to Emma for getting the ball rolling. Sometimes I just need a little nudge in the right direction & amazing things can happen. So thank you Emma! 

Earring trivia: Majority of earrings I receive as gifts are from people who tell me "I saw these & they made me think of you". Big thanks to all those who contribute to my collection! :)

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