Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Coffin Earrings

Time for another favorite of mine! The Coffin earrings :)

These were a gift from a cool old workmate  (old as in 'we worked together a couple years ago' not old as in 'she is old'). This lovely person is none other than Ali! She is even making her own earrings these days (which I hope to own a pair of one day!) They are pretty cool & can find them here along with a few other bits & pieces. 

This photograph was taken in my backyard & it didn't take too many shots to get what I was after. I made the little cross out of sticks & glued it together with craft glue. I tried a couple different places and this was the last of them. 

I was pretty much on my hands & knees taking it so I could get the angle & depth of field how I had it in my head. To finish it off I just greyscaled the image & played with the contrast a little to make it look more spooky.

They've gotten a lot more wear than some of my other earrings because I love them so much! Thanks Ali!! :D

Earring Trivia: They came attached to a playing card that I still have  - The Ace of Diamonds. 

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