Sunday, 17 March 2013

Shed Tool Earrings

In October 2012 I attended Oz Horror Con in Melbourne where I managed to pick up a few pair of awesome earrings! Here is the first of the lot - the Shed Tool earrings! 

Annnnnd here is the stall by Sophie Kells where they came from! She had a few others interesting earrings to choose from but the tools certainly grabbed my attention! The saws came in a set of two while the hammer and the pliers came as a different set.

I couldn't choose between the two sets so I bought them both! :)

Earring trivia: I ended up with 3 pairs of new earrings from the Oz Horror Con!


  1. Cool hack-saw earring!

    Oz Horror Con? Another reason why Melbourne is so much better that WA! haha!

  2. Cheers :) Yep Oz Horror Con! In it's early stages so it may travel one day if you're lucky! :)